Positively Alive, Employee Wellness Consultant, Specialist, Accredited, Employee Wellness Training Provider and Employee Health and Wellness Expert.

B-BBEE Exempt - Micro Enterprise Level 4 EME Entity

Accreditation No: 13392


Introduction to Alan Brand

                         Alan Brand is a leading expert in the development, and provision of innovative employee wellness strategies enabling business enterprises throughout South Africa to mitigate the threat of HIV and AIDS and other associated health and wellness risks. He has developed numerous outcomes based wellness training modules. His personal energy and unique and professional facilitation skills have inspired many.   Alan is a sought after motivational speaker, conference facilitator and master of ceremonies.

Alan is the author of the following publications:

  • Positively Alive, Published by Jacana 2005,
  • Positively Alive Recipe Book Published by Micromega Publications 2014,
  • A 2 Z of HIV Informational Booklet - Published by Micromega Publication 2017.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSI) - In October 2008, Alan created the very successful internet support and information social web-based network “Positively Alive”. Positively Alive provides a free resource service as well as counselling, information and support/forums for HIV+ gay, bisexual and transgender men and MSM in South Africa.

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Video's of Alan Brand 
Alan Brand, Interviewed on Doctors Orders - SABC TV3 World AIDS Day 2013

Alan Brand interviewed on Real Talk with Anele - SABC TV3- 1 December 2017

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'You've Got This' Alan Brand Living With HIV