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Guest Speakers

Alan Brand - HIV+ Motivational Speaker + Conference Facilitator 

Category: Motivational Speaker, Training Facilitator and Master of Ceremonies
Price: R 12, 500.00/ Motivational speaker/ Conference facilitator
Alan Brand, the sole proprietor of Positively Alive, is a leading expert in the development and provision of innovative employee wellness strategies enabling business enterprises throughout South Africa to mitigate the threat of HIV and AIDS and other associated health and wellness risks. He has developed numerous outcomes-based wellness training modules. His personal energy and unique and professional facilitation skills have inspired many. Alan is a sort after motivational speaker, conference facilitator, training provider and master of ceremonies.   
Alan Brand – Lives openly with his HIV status and is dedicated to making a difference by breaking the silence and changing the mind-set of those he comes into contact with. 


  • Positively Alive, Published by Jacana 2005
  • Positively Alive Recipe Book Published by Micromega Publication 2014
  • A 2 Z of HIV Informational Booklet - Published by Micromega Publication 2017
  • Positively Alive Recipe Book Second Edition Published by Micromega Publications 2022
Alan’s activities as a motivational speaker, conference facilitation and training provider are too many to mention. 
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Faghmeda Miller - HIV+ Motivational Speaker

Category: HIV+ Motivational Speaker
Price: R 12, 500.00/HIV+ motivational speaker
Faghmeda Miller is the first Muslim woman in South Africa after diagnosed with HIV in 1994, to have publicly disclosed her HIV status (1996.) Thus far she has survived living with HIV for 27 years where doctors initially gave her 5 years to survive after diagnoses.

Her message to newly diagnosed HIV positive people, “HIV is not curable, but it is manageable therefore do not think it is the end, rather see it as the beginning of a new life, don’t give up, persevere”. My disease cannot be by chance, I believe God chose me to become an ambassador of this pandemic, speaking openly about Living with HIV. HIV is part of ME; it is who I AM, but it does not define ME or stops me from living my life the way I want to live it. “You only live once, if you do it right, once is enough….”

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Dorian Basson - HIV+ Motivational Speaker 
Category: HIV+ Motivational Speaker
Price: R 12, 500.00/HIV+ motivational speaker

While walking home from university one afternoon in October 2005, he was dragged into the bushes close to his home and sexually assaulted by an unknown suspect, with a knife held to his throat. 

He founded the NPO, Red Ribbon Foundation in December 2014 following the overwhelming success of the HIV/AIDS awareness Ball he hosted with the assistance of the Fairheads Social Group, on 06 December 2014 at the River Club Ballroom.

Dorian counsels individuals, facilitates HIV/AIDS Education and Wellness Workshops and speaks at numerous events in an attempt to breakdown the stigma which still surrounds this manageable chronic condition.

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 Nombuyiselo Mapongwana HIV+ Motivational Speaker

Based from: Pimville, Johannesburg

Nombuyiselo is a highly regarded, HIV positive, motivational speaker.

Price: R 12, 500.00/motivational talk

A highly competent and hardworking HIV/AIDS educator, counsellor and mentor with 9 years' experience in the HIV disease management programme under the Employee Wellness Programme in the workplace. Have a track record of creating continued awareness through sharing my personal experiences of living positively and productively with HIV/AIDS. Also do a lot of public speaking professionally and personally. Experienced in dealing with people and the media as well as disciplined in approach

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Barbara Kingsley HIV+ Motivational Speaker
Category: HIV+ Motivational Speaker
Based in Cape Town
Price: R 12, 500.00/HIV+ motivational speaker
In December 2000 Barbara was diagnosed HIV positive, which came as a complete shock to her, as the diagnosis was completely unexpected.  But she chose to fight. In 2013 Barbara bravely decided to run the Comrades marathon, she is affiliated to an NGO called Positive Heroes and these initiatives aided her in rising above her HIV status bringing hope and meaning to her life and those she comes into contact with. Barbara has been featured on various TV programs and is a sought-after motivational speaker bringing a unique message of hope in adversity and a newfound drive to run marathons and use these to promote her positively alive approach to life.  
I am Human, by Barbara Kingsley, - From HIV/AIDS to ultra-marathons and beyond, “I AM HUMAN” is the story of hope, courage, persistence, vision and of course greatness. Lesedi House Publishers (1 December 2020)
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Sameshni Moodley HIV+ Motivational Speaker

Category: HIV+ Motivational Speaker
Based in Johannesburg
Price: R 12, 500.00/HIV+ motivational speaker

Sameshni Moodley is an inspirational energetic professional who works with corporates and individuals to create change in the mind, body and spirit through effective education.

Diagnosed with HIV, Sameshni thought life as she knew it was over and resorted to substance abuse and binge eating. Yet her positive attitude and healthy lifestyle turned things around and it was then that her company, Living 2 Inspire was born.

Her key passion in life has been within the Health and Wellness environment and has been featured on various social media platforms. She inspires her followers with daily motivational messages to make positive changes in their lives through nutrition tips and by including physical activity in their daily routines.

Clients are guided through both emotional and physical change by regular motivational messages, quotes, talks and videos.

motivational messages to make positive changes in their lives, through nutrition tips and by including physical activity in their daily routines. 
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NKULI TLEANE - Psychosocial Therapist - GBV Motivational Speaker

Category: GBV + Woman's Day Motivational Speaker
Based in Johannesburg
Price: R 12, 500.00/GBV motivational speaker

Nkuli is a Psychosocial Therapist who is registered with Counsel of Counsellors South Africa (CCSA). Nkuli grew up in both urban and rural areas. She understands how cultural shock can limit your ability to excel socially and academically. She does not only use psychology as means to understand the society but also show how we get affected by the social and cultural constructs. Her passion in public speaking is about engaging our society to unlearn and relearn healthy ways to engage with each other.

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(Lucy) Dipolelo Josephine Lucy Legodi - GBV Motivational Speaker

Category: Gender Based Violence Motivational Speaker
Based in Johannesburg
Price: R 12, 500.00/GBV motivational speaker

Lucy is a domestic violence survivor and an EDTP accredited facilitator and a health expert of living with cancer and HIV and AIDS.

Her areas of operation range from Project Management where she was part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, AFCON (2010) {Infrastructural preparations, Stadium, Roads etc} Preparations for the Danone Team for participation in the France Danone Cup, HIV/AIDS Counselling, Facilitating and office administration.

Apart from the business scene she is an anti-Gender Based Violence activist who volunteers in some Civil Society groups, such as Khuluma Ndoda and Kolisi Foundation, Motsepe Gender Equality and Leadership and Tswelelang Creche. She’s also a Director of LUSCUS founded in 2018 which is a company that coaches and provides guidance to youth on different topics.

Lucy says “Gender based violence takes away family dignity

Lucy’s mission is to be an active player in the provision of education on the prevention of Gender Based Violence and its final eradication, for the reconstruction and strength of family structures.

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Louw Breytenbach – Mental Health Ambassador and Media Personality - Motivational Speaker

Category: Mental Health Ambassador + Queer Rights - Motivational Speaker
Based in Johannesburg
Price: R 12, 500.00/Mental Health motivational speaker
Louw Breytenbach is a media personality and avid activist of mental health and queer rights. He is the national representative for Out&Proud.

In Business he is a leading entrepreneur with several acting and public speaking training studios across South Africa. He is a two-time published author a TV presenter and Mental Health Ambassador. He is also the spokesperson for GATE OF HOPE & Future Steps Charities. 

Get the Louw-Down on Depression 

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