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Training Module

Skills Development, Managing Wellness in the Workplace – Policy and Law
Price: R 9, 750.00/day Training Facilitation Rate (Max 25 delegates)
SAQA Unit Standard Aligned Training
Unit Standard Information
  • SAQA US ID 9224 Level 5 (Credits 4) Implement policies regarding HIV/AIDS in the workplace
  • SAQA US ID 114941 Level 3 (Credits 4) Apply knowledge of HIV/AIDS to a specific business sector and a workplace
Target market:
Management/Supervisors and Wellness Co-ordinators – Any employee who is responsible for the management and supervision of employees
Certification for this outcomes based training module is achieved once the delegate has successfully complete a portfolio of evidence against the required outcomes of the specific unit standards.
Course Duration:
One full day.
Training Objectives:
  • To provide skills in the management of employees affected by Ill health and chronic disease
  • Although the course will focus on HIV/AIDS, all chronic diseases management occurs in the same manner and the law applied equally in respect of employer’s responses to employee’s health, absenteeism, incapacity cover, rights and benefits, etc.
  • To equip management with the basic understanding of the progression of HIV/AIDS, to enable them to make informed decisions in respect of sick leave, disability claims and other matters in relation to employees affected by HIV/AIDS and other chronic conditions.
  • To equip managers with a basic understanding of the progression and treatment of TB, to enable them to make informed decisions in respect of sick leave, disability claims and other matters relating to an employee affected by TB.
  • To equip managers with a clear understanding of the chronic diseases (including HIV/AIDS) policy and thereby ensure consistent application thereof.
  • To ensure that managers have a clear understanding of the law in relation to managing employee affected or infected with HIV/AIDS, chronic disease and ill health.
Course Content:
• Understanding HIV/AIDS and the progression of HIV to AIDS and the relationship to other health conditions
• What is Tuberculosis, The Facts (MDR AND XDR TB)
• Ill Health (disability) and the Bill of Rights
• Absenteeism, Chronic disease (HIV/AIDS) and Rights at Work
• Guide to Incapacity/Disability Procedure Document
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Additional information

1 Day course: Managing Wellness in the Workplace – Policy and Law + Training Module:

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(Based on a minimum of 6 delegates but limited to a maximum of 25 delegates)  

Daily training facilitation rate @ R 9, 750.00 / day.

R 80.00/delegate cost of printed manuals, evaluation and certification etc

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